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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sun Rooms with Lemons

So currently I have found myself sitting in my sun room for the second day. (So you can guess that is it Jen writing). I have no idea why I have taken a liking to it so much recently but I must admit, it is a nice detour from my bedroom. It's another beautiful day out and my breakfast certainly got me started on a high note.

Breakfast consisted of an Activa yogurt (we're out of Greek) with some old fashioned oats and dried cranberries. Followed by that I had an egg and some strawberries :) Unfortunately I completely forgot about taking a picture of my yogurt because I had devoured it in about two seconds.
I also added in my warm vanilla candle which made everything very cosy.

Simple but delicious and after eating I sipped on a water with lemon while watching re-runs of Glee. Oh how I enjoy the antics of the Glee Club and watching Puck and his gorgeous mohawked head.

On the agenda for today is a run probably only for an hour around my neighborhood followed by a quick lunch then off to work until six. I can't tell you how glad I am that work isn't conflicting with dinner this time. Perhaps after dinner I'll do some abs but that's all depending on how I am feeling after work. Eh.

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