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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Champion Eater

I had dinner at my grandparent's house and, well, I ate to my little stomach's content. Did not go as hog-wild as usual (think endless handfuls of cashews) but I did enjoy myself immensely. Grandma cooked while I chatted away on a stool. By 6:00 we were all seated at the table like the happy little family we are.

Yup, that was the spread. Be jealous.

Some chicken.

Some rice.

My grandma is one of those cooks where something as simple as chicken becomes amazing and I have decided that a whole school year without her cooking is unacceptable. I am officially sneaking her into my dorm and making her my short order chef. Done.

That is my plate. Please excuse the general lackluster appeal of all that spreading juice. I swear it tasted good. I mean, a grandma cooked it. How could it not be??

After dinner was dessert, of course. And homemade wine.

German Chocolate Cake and red wine. Clearly they want to make me fat.


After eating we all watched So You Think You Can Dance together. Do you all see a common theme for today? haha I absolutely love that show. Love Nap and Tabs. Love Kent. But I was so sad to see that Alex had injured himself! I really hope he doesn't get disqualified..

Well, I am home now and am about to settle in for a night of Mad Men. Do any of you guys watch that show? The fashion is just ridiculous. **Sighs** I was born in the wrong era.

Have a nice night!! I'll see you all in the morning :-D

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