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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finger Lickin' Good

So after hitting up Aldi and Jewel yesterday, I took advantage of the countless groceries I had bought. I love grocery shopping, which might explain why Liz and I are hitting up Whole Foods on Friday for shopping and dinner. I am tickled pink with excitement.

So onto breakfast, made myself a small bowl of granola and soy milk and had a side of apples and organic peanut butter. I definitely added way to much peanut butter so it was all over the place but that didn't stop me from licking my fingers, enjoying every last morsel. Thank goodness I'm not allergic to peanut butter but I definitely want to get some almond butter. My family had purchased a large jar of it and before I knew it, poof! It was gone! I was crying on the inside slightly.

I inhaled my whole breakfast and now I find myself getting hungry for lunch so that will be when I post next. On the agenda for the day.
  • Lunch
  • Phone interview for a job at school
  • Swimming and tanning with the girls
  • Workout
  • Dinner
See ya'll soon!

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