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Friday, July 9, 2010

On The Oregon Trail

Hey! It's Jen and Liz here for a joint post. I know- you can barely contain your excitement.

We drove the long twenty minutes to Whole Foods. I took pictures while Jen drove. Lots and lots of pictures.

We were going to shop first but both of us were pretty hungry so we ate first, instead. The hot/cold bars were amazing. Seriously, we had to walk around them all once before even picking out one thing. It was that mind-blowing.

We finally made plates, though, and loaded them up with basically everything that looked good.

Liz's plate: Creamy kale, Honey Bok Choy, Seitan Cacciatore, Vegetable Paella, Aztec Grains

Jen's plate: Creamy kale, Jasmine Purple Rice, Chickpea salad, Seitan Cacciatore, Rice Pilaf

After eating we began shopping. A box of Mary's Gone Crackers somehow found its way into my (Liz's) basket while Jen was romanced by a wall of Clif Bars. Yes, we know we're strange.
And then we were faced with this:

Wild horses could not drag us away.....from this wall of awesomeness. But we finally did move and make our way to the check-out. Both of us spent under ten dollars. Score.

We returned to Jen's house and went for a little stroll on the Oregon Trail.

And now we're eating some peaches. And in desperate need of some napkins.

Have a great night :-D

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