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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rabbit Food and a little Cluck Cluck

Jen here and today I wanted to stick to food based solely vegetarian, that is until my mother decided to whip up this chicken dish I remember asking for back when I first got back home from college for the summer. Well, better late than never.

For lunch I was pretty successful having only vegetarian meals with some large carrots and some veggie tip. It was a great way to start off and then I ate a quarter of my Dulce de Leche Luna Bar to fill up before I went to the mall to meet up with friends. After resisting temptation from buying half of H&M, I went off to the food court to get a panini from Frullati.

Grilled to perfection with tomato, cucumber, peppers and onions

Even though I didn't buy anything in the stores at the mall, but I did buy a iced chai tea latte with soy milk. I sort of feel guilty because I was trying to stay off tea and coffee at least for the summer since I had such an addiction to it during the school year. I fail.

My workout today was a little different. My friend Danielle and I walked to our friend Mary's. There and back and then Mary and I walked Danielle back. So the total walking is about 2 miles which felt pretty good but I think I am going to do an abs video and maybe take another walk to get a movie.

After my walk and shopping, I made myself a smoothie out of fresh mangoes and pineapple. It was so thick the straw I had kept getting clogged with the deliciousness.

For dinner I had mentioned my mother had made a chicken dish. It consisted of egg coated chicken strips covered with bisquick and fried. Surprisingly it is not that bad for you because of the homemade coating. I only had two and that was definitely enough. And I had grapes. I was a huge pig today but how could I pass up my mother's food. I have no self control on these kind of things!
As I let my food digest, I am watching Bones which isn't exactly the most attractive shows in the fact it included dead bodies and typically creepy crawly things all over dead bodies. Gross yes. Awesome show yes. So totally worth it.

Oh and for dessert I had some Kashi Go Lean Cereal with fresh blueberries!

What is your favorite type of smoothie?

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