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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bikinis and Blizzards

Hello!! Liz here and I am happy to say that Part II of the bikini hunt was a very fruitful endeavor!! I went to Target and found a bikini that I fell in love with. So happy!! Pictures will come with dinner :-D

For lunch today I made something truly amazing. I know that I always gush about my food (this is a food blog, after all) but lunch today was simply out of this world. I scrambled two eggs and one egg white and then sprinkled it with feta. Meanwhile I toasted a bagel. What do you get when you throw the two together??


And this.


Yeah, I know you're all jealous of my mad-style camera skills, lol. Please note the sarcasm there :-p I swear one day I will get a proper camera. One day....

I also had some fruit with this (one nectarine and half of a banana) and some green tea.

After lunch I went out with my friend Kelsey for Part II of the bikini hunt. As you all know, it ended with me and a bikini meeting and falling madly in love. I feel kind of bad for cheating on that other one but what can I say? This one was a cheaper date ;-)

Once a bikini was purchased I decided to celebrate with a Dairy Queen Blizzard. After having a serious debate with the man at the register over whether an Oreo Blizzard was better than an Oreo Cheesequake I followed his advice and ordered the latter. Good choice man at register. Good choice.

Alright, off to go waste hours away watching Mad Men. See you all at dinner!


  1. That looks a lot like my breakfast today :) I should have followed it up with ice cream!!

  2. Congrats on finding a bikini :)

  3. I LOVE Target for bikinis! I always find the perfect fit there. Blizzard is definitely needed to celebrate! Can't wait to see it - have a great evening and enjoy dinner!

  4. target is very good for bathing suit finds - as is the gap too!