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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Carrot Cake Sandwich

Hello!! Liz here :-D

This afternoon I ran some errands, hitting up Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Trader Joes. I bought the cutest workout shirt at Old Navy and then something for my kitchen back at school form B B and B. Trader Joes was just shopping domination. Pretty much :-D

For lunch today, I made Live, Laugh, Eat's Carrot Cake Sandwich.

While I can't say it tasted like Carrot Cake (sad face) it still tasted pretty good. It was nice and sweet and Trader Joe's Cinnamon Raisin bread was DELICIOUS. Unfortunately the bread pieces were pretty small so I finished the sandwich in about three bites.

So, verdict: Worth making.

Later today I will be heading downtown for some Persian food. They're filming Transformers 3 downtown so I have a feeling traffic will be ridiculous down there. It's worth it for Persian food, though. I would go through just about anything for Persian food, lol.

What is a food that you absolutely love??


  1. The sandwich looks good. Food I love? Hmm, cheese, chocolate, cakes, houmous, sweet potato, nut butters, garlic...too many to name!!

  2. The cinnamon raisin bread looks really good! I should have gotten some when I was at TJ's today!!

  3. Wow, this sounds and looks amazing! I adore carrot cake!

  4. ha, that sandwich looks pretty good!