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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ginger Beer

Earlier this week I went to dinner with my old neighbors. We have a tradition of going out at least once over breaks and we always go to PF Changs.

There are many reasons to love PF Changs. For starters, it has reproduction terra cotta soldiers chillin' in the dining area. If you don't think that is cool, well, then there is something wrong with you. And then you have the lettuce wraps, which hardly need an introduction. The crispy honey shrimp that I possibly ate in its entirety (8..err..9 shrimp...plus several lettuce wraps). The cute little shooter desserts.

And now Ginger Beer gets added to the list.

It is non-alcoholic. Just a lot of ginger goodness. Warning--it is not for the ginger-faint-of-heart. Even me, a ginger lover, pulled a little lemon face when I first tasted it. But once your taste buds acclimate to the tartness-which takes no time at all-you are left with a delicious, refreshing drink.


Ginger Beer

Fresh lemon juice
Fresh ginger, grated

Combine the lemon and ginger, adding more or less ginger/lemon to your taste preferences. Sweeten as much as you desire!


  1. Oh gracious that sounds tart, haha! I'm not much of a ginger person, but I have heard really good things about PF Changs! I need to go sometime. :)

  2. i used to hate ginger beer but my brothers and dad were all addicted to it. when i got older i acquired a taste for it and now i LOVE having ginger beer- especially a cold one on a warm summer evening on the patio :)

    xoxo <3

  3. PF Changs is a real experience. Have you been to the one in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles? It has all the Chinese theatrics that you're describing here and the glamour of being in Hollywood, where somehow, that all works. (I hope that they're still there. Haven't been to LA in a while.)

    I have not had the ginger beer, though I have tried the lettuce wraps before. They are super.

  4. One of the few things I miss about eating meat are the chicken lettuce wraps at PF Changs. And Stevie...the Beverly Center one is the closest to me! That's the one I used to go to all the time.

  5. wow, I've never seen that before- looks great!

  6. I love ginger beer, but I've never made my own! I'm definitely not ginger-faint-of-heart, so I'll definitely be giving this a go!

  7. I've had it at PF Changs and it is great! Don't you have to add some soda water or something to it as well?