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Sunday, July 18, 2010


So yesterday I spoke of a delicious barbecue I would attending and while I didn't get any pictures, I have to say that I pretty much inhaled the veggie platter along with the hawaiian bread with spinach dip. It was worth taking a lactate so I didn't feel the effects later. I also managed to sneek in a 45 minute walk beforehand and probably sweated off my body weight.

After the wonderful barbecue, I played rock band for about three hours. Yes you can play rock band for three hours! We played everything from the GoGos and the Beatles and although there was much singing out of tune and failed songs, it was a great time.
For breakfast this morning I had some leftover german pancakes with some blueberries, cinnamon sugar and a little syrup. It was fabulous even as leftovers. Oh and a little info on the german pancakes--they are like super thin crepes filled with either just cinnamon sugar or maybe cooked apples.

I just zapped this puppy up in the microwave and wala!!

Is there any food that you love that tastes just as good as leftovers?

For lunch before I headed off to work, I didn't have time to make anything special so I simply raided my fridge to find two hard boiled eggs in which I turned into 5 minute egg salad sandwich. I crammed it into a Fit Active wrap from Aldi. I have been loving the wraps lately, I've been pretty much using it whenever I get the chance. We'll have to see the combos I come up with.

Had to get my veggies in!

Unfortunately, today I didn't get a workout in but I'm really hoping (I just typed hopping) to at least do some abs and maybe a little pilates. And because I didn't workout yet, I decided to have a lighter dinner. For the first time I had Quizznos. I got a Turkey, Swiss Ranch sub. I only ate about 1/3 of it. Then again, my sweet tooth took over a little before dinner and I at a few handfuls of chocolate chips :)

For all of the commercials I've seen about the subs, I wasn't too impressed. I actually prefer Jimmy John's. Don't hate. It was right next to my dorm last year so I had it constantly!

Well I'm off to watch the movie Up in The Air since I've been wanting to see it. Have a great rest of the night :)


  1. Yuuum - that turkey and swiss sub did look delicious. I can´t believe that you ate only 1/3!
    Hahahaha :D

  2. Ooh your breakfast looks yummy! And I looove Quiznos subs. Enjoy Up in the Air!