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Friday, July 23, 2010

I Dream of Lunchables

Sadly, I did not have a Lunchable for lunch :-( I kind of wish that I did, though. I know they are overly processed and the meat-cracker ratio is totally off. But, man, did they taste good. And the treat you always got? The cookie that tasted like cardboard. The jello that was medicinally sweet. Blast from my past, friends. Blast from my past.

During my dreams of Lunchables I consumed an Indian veggie burger, some carrots, and a very small smoothie.

Once again there was a photo shoot with my beverage. This is becoming a habit.


After lunch I settled in for two hours of LSAT prep. In case you're wondering, it's about as fun as it sounds.

Honestly, though, it wasn't that bad. I just started yesterday so I haven't really gotten into the nitty gritty stuff. I'm sure my opinion will change after my first full practice test. Eek! While studying I had a cup of English Breakfast tea and a piece of dark chocolate. Both of these were very, very necessary.

Alright, with LSAT studying done for the day I am going to go and do everything else that is 80 times more interesting than that book. Maybe I'll go to the grocery store. Pick up some Lunchables ;-)

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