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Monday, July 12, 2010

Minigolf Mayhem

Hello everyone! It's Liz :-D

My lunch was a bit light and by 3:00 I was feeling the hunger pains. I whipped up a quick sandiwch thin with almond butter and continued my reading.

There also was some English Breakfast tea.

I puttzed around until dinner where I had leftovers from yesterday's graduation party. Horseradish crusted filet, red skinned mashed potatoes, and broccoli were devoured along with a piece of pumperknickel bread. There also may or may not have been a chocolate chip cookie in there somewhere ;-)

After dinner a bunch of friends and I went minigolfing. One of those friends was our very own Jen!

The weather was a bit ominous but it held out.

Throughout our game of minigolf at White Mountain I took pictures, danced to bad 80s music, and discovered that I am terrible at minigolfing. I did enjoy playing photographer, though :-D

Well, I am off to read before bed! I am currently rereading the last Harry Potter book. What can I say, watching the movie inspired me! haha

What books are you guys reading?

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