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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Music Confessions


My friend Kelsey and I went out for Indian food today. It was her first time getting Indian food and I am pleased to say that she liked it! I seem to be the Indian food guru around here, introducing no less than five friends to the food this summer! It is a bit spicy for some but in my experience most leave with a very happy belly :-D

I got the usual which predictably included a LARGE dollop of saag paneer. I freaking love this thing. If I could I would marry it and the two of us would have delicious, spicy children. I had some Indian tea with rice pudding for dessert.

After lunch we went to Charming Charlies. I know I mentioned it on this site before and my second visit was just as good as the first. I was overwhelmed by the selection, as usual, but did manage to focus on a red scarf which is now mine!

So, currently listening to Grooveshark. I LOVE this website. You basically search songs and make a playlist-all for free! And they have pretty much any song that you could want. Even my obscure Barbra Streisand ones were a cinch to find. And yes, I like Barbra Streisand. And by like I mean would stand out in blistering heat for just a glance. Sigh. I am eighty years old.

What is your music guilty pleasure?? Mine would be Barbra Streisand but I also used to have a thing for the Jonas Brothers. What? Their songs are catchy! lol

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  1. I love Indian food! My hubby is not a fan, so I don't go often!

    I've never used grooveshark...I'm going to have to look it up!