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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here Comes The Bikini

Hello! Liz here :-D

I spent my afternoon finishing up the last of my cleaning (!!!) and am now snuggled in my bed about to do some reading. No, I am not sick. Or weird. It is just really cold in here :-)

Lunch was a veggie burger with the usual burger fixings (mustard, ketchup, cheese). I had it with some baby carrots to essentially fill up the plate, haha.

For dessert, I had a smoothie. I usually don't whip up smoothies this late in the day but we have so much fruit in the house that a smoothie, really, was necessary.

Do you see the amount of fruit there? More is on the counter! Ridiculous.

Some smoothie beauty shots.

This baby was so thick that I ate it with a spoon. I would say it was one of my better ones and after the strawberry smoothie disaster, it was much appreciated!

Tonight after dinner I have something special planned. I am going bikini shopping with my friend Chrissy and this, my friends, is an exciting and scary thing.

Believe it or not, I have never worn a bikini. I am a fairly confident person and am in relatively good shape but I have never felt comfortable in one. Well, I am going to the Indiana Dunes on Friday and was basically told I had to get a bikini. No choice. Therefore, I am facing my fear tonight. Wish me luck!

Did any of you have to recently tackle the bikini issue??

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  1. The bikini issue is a scary one... it takes a lot to feel good in one!

    I refuse to do the teeny tiny bikinis (on top). I think they make my, um, little ladies look that much smaller. And I have pretty wide shoulders, so yeah... none of that little triangle business for me!