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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain Check

So, we sadly had to take a rain check for our La Grange adventures. It's been a rainy mess here lately and today was not different. We were able to barbecue, though, so all is well in the world!

My dad made some pretty spectacular lemon pepper catfish, asparagus, and hot dogs. Weird combo, I know. Inside I cut up a tomato and onion and then proceeded to cry from said onion. I'm an onion wimp, haha. I also made some baked sweet potato rounds in the oven. Twas loverly :-D

I held out on dessert hoping the weather would permit some La Grange ice cream but when the trip looked doomed I made myself a banana and nutella sandwich. Good choice.

Nutella: The Chuck Bass of spreads

Nom nom

I am now watching Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire on ABC Family. In case you were wondering, Robert Pattinson looks like a vampire in this, too. I can't wait for the seventh movie! Any other HP fans out there???


  1. Nutella is indeed the Chuck Bass of spreads. :)

  2. I revived my love for nutella today when I used it to make a drizzle glaze for my GF mascarpone cheesecake :-) yummy hazelnuts and chocolate!


  3. I'm glad you hear you all share my love of nutella :-D