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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spice Up The Morning

Good morning :-D

This morning I spiced up my normal oatmeal a bit with some granola and walnuts. I LOVED the taste this made. The granola must have had some cinnamon in it so every bite was a crunchy-cinnamony dream :-p

This may have just fixed my breakfast rut.

I had some coffee on the side which was much needed this morning. It was storming all night and I kept waking up. The storms last night were crazy! Lightning, thunder, and hail. It was one for the books!

Well, I am off to run errands. And then Inception tonight!! Can't wait :-D


  1. I think that granola is pretty much the best thing ever! And it is so easy to make too. Love it.

    Enjoy Inception, I've heard it's a great movie!

  2. I haven't put granola on hot oats, but I love it on overnight oats! Enjoy Inception; it was AMAZING.

  3. Ooh! I heard that Inception was awesome....I hope you enjoy it! Leonardo Dicaprio is still hot, though he's older and a bit chubbier now.

  4. I saw Inception last night -- it was amazing! Such a nice, fresh and NEW idea for a movie. I loved it and hope you do too!

  5. hope you enjoyed inception - and to answer your question, i haven't done a commercial in years so there's no way it was me (though i would've loved the residual check!)