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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Bit of Toast In My Life

Hiya! It's Jen. Or Jenn if you're my boss and you can't spell.

Today I've been feeling ridiculously lazy even though I worked out. Perhaps an Insanity dvd workout is in order or maybe not. We'll see but I am thinking that may not happen if my motivation is shot.

How do you gain the motivation to work out?

Anyway, I did clean like I said I would. I danced around my kitchen with the mop, gaining funny looks from my brother because 1) There was no music to dance to and 2) Because I was dancing. Ask anyone and they will tell you I don't have dance skills. Even with a few years of jazz and ballet classes, I was not born to be a dancer. Eh, the world isnt going to crash down on me. In fact it may thank me for not attempting to be one.

For lunch I scoured my cabinets before I made myself a delicious mango,banana,strawberry,papaya,pineapple and soy milk smoothie! I am obviously on a smoothie kick and I am perfectly okay with that :)

I also made myself two pieces of whole wheat toast with homemade strawberry jam and two egg whites. I was starving! Problem solved!

The oats on top made it even better!

For dinner tonight I will be cooking for my brother and I which should be fine as long as my brother doesn't come near the stove. On the menu are German pancakes, sausage links and blueberries! Pictures will be coming soon!

I am extremely excited for dinner tonight and after that I am going to hang out with some of the girls tonight and then the dunes tomorrow! (Expect to hear about how excited I am at least a few more times!)

That is all for now. Later tonight then!

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