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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I love you, Ricotta


It's Liz and I am pretty jazzed about what I had for dinner tonight. I am pretty much in love with pasta-which explained why my Atkin's attempt lasted all of two days-and tonight's dinner was right up my carb-loving-alley. I made myself pasta with ricotta cheese, asparagus, and tomatoes. It was a cinch to make and tasted oh, so good.

Pasta with Ricotta and Vegetables

1 lb Pasta
2 cups tomatoes
1 cup asparagus
1/4 cup cooking water
1/2 cup ricotta
1/4 basil
salt and pepper

Cook pasta and frozen asparagus according to directions. Make sure to keep 1/4 cup of the pasta's cooking water for the sauce.
Take out a sautee pan and heat up olive oil. As oil heats cut grape tomatoes in half and take out the seeds. Add the tomatoes to the pan and cook until they have softened. Add to pasta and cooked asparagus.
To create a sauce add the ricotta to the pasta and a bit of the reserved cooking water. Mix together until the ricotta coats all of the pasta. Add the basil and season to taste!

Note the sweet pasta bowl. Pasta tastes better in it. Obviously.

After the pasta I had some fruit salad that my mom made. I would give you all a recipe for it but to be honest I have no idea how she used it. I know there was vanilla yogurt in the mix. And 7-Up. Now that I think about it, I am surprised that it tastes so good, haha.

After this and an unpictured granola bar while watching Gilmore Girls (that show ALWAYS gives me the munchies) my dad came home with Culvers Turtle sundaes. To say that I love the man would be an understatement. The sundae was delicious and I now have a stomach ache. So worth it.

Well, I am off to go to bed. Possibly watching some of The Office before really settling down. I can't deny myself some Pam/Jim awkwardness.

See you all in the morning!

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