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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

But It's DiGiornos!

Hi, Jen here! So as usual my agenda didn't exactly work out as planned. I had my interview which was via phone. It went fairly well if I do say so myself but after I finished, I lifted up my arms to find myself soaked in sweat. I was almost as bad as I would be if I had come from working out. So after my sweat fest, I made myself a tomato, cucumber and spinach salad and some whole wheat penne.

Topped with Oregano, Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar, salt and pepper.
And a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese

I wound up eating dinner before working out which is fine but something I didn't factor into the day was my hair turning green from my pool. Fail. I looked like I was ready for St. Patricks Day. I looked utterly ridiculous but fortunately a little lemon juice and the purchase of some Chlorine Removal Shampoo I should be back to normal soon.

So for dinner my brother and I were on my own tonight and because we were both feeling quite lazy and since my brother can not cook to save his life, we purchased a DiGiornos pizza which was a delicious garlic, spinach and mushroom. Along with that I had a large cup of mango cubes.

I am officially stuffed now so I will wait about another hour for my food to digest and then go work out for about an hour or so. So that probably will result in me starving after getting back. So another smoothie is definitely coming into play tonight.

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