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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cook Book Addiction

Hello! Liz here :-D

An hour or so ago I went for coffee and ordered the usual. Iced coffees just seem perfect in the hot weather and they don't cost you an arm and a leg.

My friend and I drank our coffee outside but were rained out. It was the typical summer shower and had HUGE raindrops. After coffee we headed to Borders where we spent way too much time looking at cook books.

I have an addiction to cook books. It is bad. Really. I always buy one and then end up making two or three recipes before moving on to the next overpriced book. And I know that most the recipes are online. And I know that the books are not worth the money. And I could really care less, haha.

Once I got home I whipped together a quick lunch that was comprised entirely of leftovers. **Sigh** I love leftovers. Lunch was made in literally one minute. Perfection. I had zucchini and feta cheese frittata, corned beef hash (!!!), and hashed browns.

Unappetizing photo, I know.

Note the sweet Wizard of Oz glass

Dinner tonight is some of my dad's famous BBQ and then we are taking a trip to downtown LaGrange for some ice cream. Should be fun :-D

I'll see you all later tonight!


  1. I totally have the same cookbook addiction! I have countless cookbooks floating around, I swear I'll find one randomly and go "Huh.... I don't remember buying this?"

    And it's like a new cookbook all over again! lol

  2. Haha, that happens with me, too! I just found a bake sale book and was looking through it like..ooh, why have I never made any of this?? lol

  3. I have quite a few cookbooks too! I love flipping through and looking at the pictures!

  4. Yes, pictures are a big draw for my cookbooks, too :-D