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Monday, July 12, 2010

Can't Feel My Belly

Liz here and I have been a cleaning beast this afternoon! Vacuumed and dusted the entire first floor of the house. Cleaned up the kitchen and my room. I feel accomplished. And a bit sneezy from all that dust!

During all my cleaning I did fit in time for a quick lunch. I had some of my chickpea salad and a few of my Mary's Gone Crackers. Fitnessista is totally right. Those things are crack!

Ten minutes later.

I also ate an amaretti cookie. Have you ever tried one? No? Try one. Now. They are the most delicious cookies known to mankind. If you have a nice Italian deli by you, chances are you will find them there. If you don't have a nice Italian deli by you, well, that is very sad.

After lunch and a bit of dusting I snuck in a work-out. Since I couldn't make it to the gym I did another round of my So You Think You Can Dance DVD. It was just as good as last time, if not better. I love, love, LOVE that workout. If you all have not tried it yet- go out and buy it! It is seriously my favorite DVD right now.

Anyhoo, After the DVD I did a killer ab routine and now I can no longer feel my belly. That may be a good thing, though ;-)

Well, I am off to do some reading outside and hopefully get a bit of a tan :-D

Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!


  1. Can you visit my apartment and morph into that cleaning beast??? Man do I need to get into that clean mode soon, my apartment looks shameful especially because I like things to be tidy!
    That cleaning is a workout too! Hope you had a good afternoon!

  2. Check you out!! Cleaning machines :) It feels so good to get all that done. But for me, it's a never-ending process :(