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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Graduation Party!!

Hello everyone! Liz here :-D

Today was my brother's graduation party and I had such a great time! It was so wonderful to catch up with all of my family. All the guests gathered at Wildfire in one of the private party rooms.

Pretty soon the party was in full swing.

Things really started cooking (no pun intended) when the food began trickling in. We started with a simple bread selection and then moved on to appetizers. There were chicken and portabella mushroom skewers and margherita pizzas. I had most of my skewer and one piece of the pizza.

The entrees were the main event, though. We had horseradish crusted filets, cedar plank salmon, broccoli, and red skinned mashed potatoes. Now, I am not a huge red meat person but these filets were AMAZING. And the horseradish crust on top??? I could have just eaten that for my meal. I talked about the topping for a good five minutes. My Uncle gave me part of his probably just to shut me up. It was much appreciated :-D

Dessert was my favorite part, though. That is not too surprising considering my massive sweet tooth, haha. I have an indecent obsession with Wildfire's cheesecake. It is seriously the best, richest, most decadent cheesecake you will find in all of Chicago. No, actually, in all of the world- it is that good.

Don't let this picture fool you. I DEFINITELY had a full piece :-)

I had a bit of the Key Lime Pie, too. But it didn't stand a chance against the cheesecake. I would like to note that the waiter very kindly gave me a large take-home container filled with the leftover cheescake. Any guesses on what dinner will be? lol

After dessert I had to coffee to help the copious amount of sugar digest. Of course.

I'm home now and seriously thinking about having a Mad Men marathon. Anyone else obsessed with the glitzy 60s? I LOVE the clothes in the show. Everything about the show just feels so authentic. Speaking of clothing and such, here is the necklace that I wrote about:

I got it from this great place called Charming Charlies. It is a huge jewelry/clothing store that has the best prices. I think this was something like sixteen dollars. Not bad, no?

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