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Friday, July 9, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

Today my friends Mary, Chrissy, and myself frolicked at the pool. I am now a bit toasty but it's nothing that a little aloe and shade cannot solve!

We got there a bit early and had to wait in line before the pool opened. Who knew it opened at noon? And who knew it was so popular??

We ran in to get chairs and then set to riding every slide in the surrounding area. We very nearly succeeded. After a few hours we decided food and shade were necessary.

I had lunch at Starbucks and got the Farmer's Market Salad and a tall iced coffee with soy milk. I have wanted to try this salad for forever and it did not disappoint. But it had bleu cheese and I find that nothing with bleu cheese can ever disappoint.

I'll be leaving for Whole Foods soon. SO EXCITED!! I have never tried there hot/cold bar and am super pumped to see how I'll like it! Have any of you ever eaten at Whole Foods before??

Coming Soon: THE trip to Whole Foods. Expect pictures. And lots of them :-D

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