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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Good Morning! Jen here :)

So yesterday I didn't post but I didn't eat much because I was feeling very under the weather. Usually when I'm sick I don't have a taste for anything in particular so everything was very bland.

What do you usually eat when you're feeling under the weather?

On the plus side, I am feeling quite a bit better today so I may be joining a few friends for Indian Food Wednesday. I'll still probably eat lightly just to be on the safe side. But it has definitely been a couple of weeks since I have had Indian, so I really have a taste for it! Cravings suck!

Breakfast this morning was parfait which was composed of peach greek yogurt, granola courtesy of Aldi, a chopped up banana and blueberries! It was like heaven in a cup. But it did have a little bit of competition since there was also an iced coffee. So much for not drinking coffee during the summer. *insert face palm here*

So on the agenda for today is possibly the Indian food, working out, packing for my weekend trip and going shopping for my apartment again!

See you all at lunch and have a great day!

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