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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back from a Long Weekend

Hello all! It's Jen and I apologize for my obvious lack of posting for the weekend. I left bright and early on Friday for a road trip with the girls to my lovely college to finish moving some stuff in and then I got to pay a visit to see the boy.

While I didn't manage to take any pictures, nothing on my trip was fit for this blog. In fact my stomach is basically cringing at the lack of nutrition I had but well, things unplanned made an impact on the weekend and that of the food I was supposed to eat.

To recap: We were supposed to spend the night at my boyfriend's apartment and he was not getting back till Saturday afternoon. We contacted his roommate and he forgot to mention that he was out of town. Thus our sleeping quarters disappeared and we stayed at my friend's where there was no electricity and water. So we slept in the Chicago heat without air conditioning. I woke up at six in the morning and found myself sticking to the leather couch. I seriously felt like I had been swallowed by the evil couch.

I also woke up with a huge aching stomach along with the rest of my party and at 7 in the morning we trudged to iHOP. Fortunately they list calorie content on their lower-cal meals so I got 2 slices of turkey bacon, wheat bread, a bowl of fruit and some scrambled egg substitutes. It was 380 calories and boy was it filling!

To top matters since we needed a shower to feel like we were human so we snuck into my friend Lynn's old dorm to shower. It was surprisingly refreshing :)

After all was said and done we celebrated my boyfriend's friend Shane going away party for grad school. It was a great time especially with an amazing strawberry daiquiri.

So that was my weekend!! It was long winded but I'm going to try this new thing called posting on time so there won't be anymore of these ;)

See you all for dinner!

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