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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eating Deja Vu

This is a quick post basically because my eats for dinner were identical to lunch. I had a plate of salmon, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. I joined the clean plate club while watching Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix on ABC Family. I am pleased to see that Harry got a haircut.

Remember this?

Yeah, I scarfed it down out of a paper take-home container. That's how I roll.

Now I am sitting in front of the television enjoying Alan Rickman in a hideous ink-black wig while drinking some green tea to hopefully counteract the absolute horror I have put my insides through today. Perfection.

See you all tomorrow :-D


  1. Yummmmy! That looks so good! I probably would have eaten it without silverware lol and I totally need to see the newest Harry Potter. I'm ashamed of myself! (:

  2. The last one is really good!! I can't wait until the seventh! They kept giving little sneak peaks during the movie on ABC Family. Definitely has me excited :-D