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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Old Friend

Hello! Liz here and I had an old friend over for breakfast today...


Yes, the old friend did refer to my breakfast food of choice. And yes, it was a bit corny. Anyhoo, this oatmeal was ah-mazing and a bit different than my standard bowl. I couldn't find my almond slivers (the horror!) so I sprinkled some granola on for crunch. Almond butter and bananas were in the mix, as always. I think an oatmeal without those two components is a sad, sad thing :-(

There was also coffee. Which I thought was hot considering there were eight cups in the machine. But....I was wrong. It was ice cold but with the caffeine intact, I really did not care :-)

This mug is older than Miley Cyrus, haha. LOVE IT!

Jen and I are going to Cardinal to work out in a bitty. I'm a little sore today so will probably be taking it easy. No ab work, for sure. My tummy is still yelling at me, haha.

Have a wonderful day and I will see you at lunch :-D

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  1. Totally agree...oatmeal without bananas and nut butter is NOT oatmeal :).