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Thursday, July 15, 2010

In With The Oatmeal

Hello, Liz here!

So, I had it again. Oatmeal, that is, and I think I may have found a new love with this granola sprinkled on top. It just makes it so crunchy and sweet. This might become a habit...

I mean, doesn't it look delicious??

I don't have much on the agenda today but will probably try to fit in a workout. I can't decide whether or not to make this a rest day because I've worked out pretty heavily every other day this week.

Do you take rest days throughout the week or work it out every day?

And now, I leave you with the picture of my bikini yet again. Basically because I am obsessed with it. And because I don't want any of you who missed that post to miss its awesomeness :-D

Still can't believe I got myself a bikini. And still can't believe I am wearing it tomorrow. Any tips on bikini confidence for tomorrow??


  1. I think rest days are very important! I need to take one every few days so I can go back to my work-outs refreshed and ready to give it my all :).

  2. Aha! Granola in oatmeal! I never though of that. And I hope you made today a rest day. :)

  3. I did :-) Thanks to both of you for the advice!