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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bikini Fail

So, that bikini shopping? Epic fail. More on that later, though. First I want to share with you the wonders that nuking a beautiful little sweet potato in a microwave can achieve.

Oh yeah.

I had some salmon with it. That funky looking stain under the salmon is actually the maple glaze. It was delicious- I swear! And then I ate an unpictured cookie that made its way into my mouth before the camera had a chance ;-)

Now, on to that bikini shopping. We went to all the usual haunts (Macys, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21) but the pickings were pretty slim. Apparently July screams back-to-school apparel rather than back-to-beach. That did mean there were some pretty sweet sales going on, though. The only downside was that none of them really worked for me :-( The one bikini I liked ended up being $92 dollars and my frugal side just would not comply.

The one I tried on was hot pink :-(

Isn't it cute?? Gah, I really want to go back and buy it!! Oh well, perhaps I will give the bikini hunt another go next week...

Enjoy the rest of your nights! I will see you all bright and early tomorrow :-D


  1. I loove me some sweet potatoes! And that bathing suit is so so cute. I say go back and get it! Maybe you can scrounge up a coupon or something?! That's what I always try to do :)

  2. mmmmmm that sweet potato looks amazing!!!!