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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Carrot Cake Time

The family graduation party was lovely. While I do not have pictures I can tell you what I ate! I had a big ol' heap of salad with a small serving of both pasta and pineapple glazed ham. Sounds like a weird combo but it was wonderful. Or as my grandpa would say- wah-nderful!

Sadly, we left before dessert. Well, this was easily fixed. After my dad and brother left to run some errands my mom and I went to Bakers Square.

Oh yeah. You know exactly where this is going.

Carrot Cake and I have a love-hate relationship. Tonight, I was feeling the love.

This pretty accurately sums up my expression before/during/after the eating. Well, I am about to slip into a food coma. Good night everyone :-D


  1. I remember Bakers Square! I used to LOVE their French Silk pie but then they disappeared from LA and I've been having withdrawals for about a decade.

    Love your cute hair!

  2. Yeah, I'm with you on the carrot cake - it's one of my faves!!