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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Know You're in College When...

1) You only stay for fifteen minutes for a three hour class because your teacher is stuck in Malaysia till following week
2) You run out of the door in a hurry only to realize that you purposely set your clock ahead so you wouldn't be late
3) You rely on public transportation to make your truck across campus more bareable...only to find that the bus is late so you are forced to walk anyway
4) Taking a nap is the best part of your day
5) You open your fridge only to find half a gallon of soy milk and some brown rice and somehow make a meal of it
6) You think the extra difference between having an 8 o'clock class and 9 o'clock class is huge!

Ha, this right here folks is the story of my life. Especially the first one. My class started at 8 this morning and while I like the fact I am back here to blog, after this blog and reading other's I still don't have class until this afternoon. I would rather just get my day over with than puts around my apartment. Call me crazy.

Anyway on my agenda today is the following:
1) Go grocery shopping
2) Get in a short but fulfilling workout
3) Get all my supplies for classes
4) Go to recruitment practice for my sorority
5)Find sometime to make dinner

I highly doubt these will stay in this order but it's worth a shot. When in question, improvise!

Oh and speaking of improvising that is exactly what I did with my breakfast. I really had a taste for something sweet but seeing as I still have to go shopping, I made do. I used my brown rice that I had left poured in some vanilla soy milk and then zapped it for a minute or so. I then used a couple dashes of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract. I sort of adapted it from Bethenny Frankel's brown rice breakfast with what I had at the time.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera charged but I assure you it will be all set for lunch!

Have a fabulous day.


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  1. Cute post...I can remember college like it was yesterday, but yet it was so long ago!

    So impressed you two are keeping healthy lives through your college experience!