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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Don't Like Spaghetti Because It Looks Like Worms

Jen here and I actually do like spaghetti but it does have an odd resemblance to worms. I have seen that Tyson Chicken Nugget commercial so many times today and then when my mom announced we were having spaghetti I just thought of that commercial immediately.

Anyway, on top of my spaghetti was a marinara mixed with a Boca Original Vegan burger which I crumbled up. I have yet to get the Boca crumbles but crumbling up the burger worked just as well. I will be going grocery shopping for my new apartment on Friday so I might put up some pictures for my first shopping trip for back to school.

Back to the dinner, I also had a salad with light poppyseed dressing and a small piece of French bread.

I gotta say I really did enjoy my plate of worms. :)

Oh and my shopping spree went well. I wound up not getting a pair of jeans but I did get a cute lace top, dress shirt and a tank. So it worked out well. Maybe eventually I'll get jeans but for the mean time I don't mind wearing some old ones and perhaps I'll find some when I clean out my closet.

Which... is exactly what I should be doing. Yet here I am blogging and watching 'Dance Your Ass Off'. What can I say, I get side tracked easily.

Attempt #2 to clean commencing now!

See you all in the morning :)

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  1. ha, never thought of that way but it still looks delicious!