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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dorm Food

Hi Jen here.

So I finally did my grocery shopping! And I was surprised how much I actually bought and I spent under 45 dollars! Granted I had a few things that I located at the back of my pantry but I still got everything I had on my list.

Thank you Michelle for putting up the series about grocery shopping. It really helped a lot especially when making the list according to the meals I was planning on eating. I managed to only hit two places: Aldi and Meijer. Right next to one another meaning I was also being fuel efficient. Score!

Unfortunately my workout will have to be tomorrow because I had a late night class so I wasn't able to squeeze it in. At least I have food now. You can pretty much guess where my mind is right now, huh?

As I promised in the morning I have the pictures from my lunch and my dinner.

Dinner was from the dining hall because it was close to the building where my class was located. I was pleasantly surprised with all the vegetarian options they had. I had a portabello stuffed mushroom and grilled vegetables. Sadly the mushroom was not that good, in fact it was quite rubbery so I didn't eat much of it.

Thank goodness my lunch was filling. (Sorry this is out of order for all of you anal-retentive people)

I had a whole wheat tortilla with organic peanut butter and a cut up green apple. For some reason I was craving peanut butter all day!

Well I will have to apologize for such a short post but I am off to bed because well, early morning classes call :)


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  1. Mushrooms usually end up rubbery when I eat them at restaurants - Rachel Ray says not to immerse them in water. I think that most restaurants didn't get that memo!