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Monday, August 9, 2010

Larabar Monday

HI, Jen here and for some reason I didn't mind it being Monday. Usually I absolutely hate Monday's probably because in school you are taught to hate it. But during the summer, Monday just seems like a fresh start. The weather was also beautiful today so that also helped. I always feel better when the weather is nice because it actually makes me want to go outside.

Today for breakfast I had my first Larabar. I am no longer a Larabar virgin and I was pleasantly surprised because it did not exactly look too appetizing. The Larabar I tried was Apple Pie which definitely kind of tasted like an apple pie. Or a healthier version.
I think I'll have to buy some more very soon. I got the Apple Pie one via Marshall's. Yes I did say Marshall's. I took a journey into the store to find a pair of jeans, I wound up coming out with a workout camisole. Whoops.

Fortunately I'll have a second chance to find jeans because I'm going shopping after I shower from my workout. I went to Cardinal fitness and ran about 2 miles then did some weights dedicated to my legs. Soccer has seriously cursed me with thunder thighs.

Anyone know a great workout for slimming down thighs?

After I got back from working out I made myself an sandwich from Arnold Sandwich thins, organic peanut butter and a banana. It was the perfect meal but then again, I should have figured that anything with peanut butter and bananas has to be tasty. On the side I added some carrots and low-fat veggie dip.
Hit almost all the food groups besides the dairy and well, I guess meat but I still got my protein via peanut butter.

I have no idea what is in store for dinner but I will see you all later after my shopping excursion and I eat.

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