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Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Hate Laundry

Hello everyone!!

I have been a busy little bee today. I feel like the weekend is when I play catch-up for all the things that I was supposed to do during the week but put off. Like laundry. I have no way of confirming this, but I have my suspicions that laundry is Satan's spawn. Who else would create something so mindlessly tedious that I would rather do LSAT prep over it?? I mean, seriously, I would rather do LSAT prep. Clearly, something is wrong.

Does anyone else detest laundry? You don't have to go along with the whole Satan's spawn thing. A simple dislike works.

While my laundry spun around and around, I happily ate. I had leftovers of Napoletano pizza from Francesca's. It was delicious-even better cold!

I also had a plum. The picture was pretty horrendous, so, use your imagination.

After lunch there was some Alias watching. This was not so much catch-up from the week but instead a continuation. I saw Salt on Thursday and now have become reacquainted with my old friends Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn. Oh, how I missed them.

And after Alias.....corn shucking.

I never want to see another ear of corn. Ever.

Oh, and for those of you who read my last post- I found my motivation!! At least for today. I went out and did a thirty minute run/walk after lunch. It was pretty steamy outside but I ended up really enjoying the workout. It seemed all I needed was a little Glee and sunshine to restart my engines :-D

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!


  1. don't mind laundry as much as cleaning the bathroom, which was my other chore duty when i was growing up. i find folding kinda therapeutic. i just hate putting everything away.

  2. Sorry but I would much rather do laundry than study for anything, much less the LSAT! But you are obviously a much smarter person than me. :)

  3. Ameena- I am sure that could be debated. haha

    Lynn- I agree that folding is not too bad. Unless I am matching socks, though. I never can find the matching sock. Ever. haha But putting it all away is definitely a drag.