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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Farewell Blender

Hi all, Jen here.

Today is a very sad day. Today we mourn the loss of my blender. Cheryl (I just named her now) had a very long life. She was passed down the family line until today where she could take it no more and finally cracked. Literally, I am afraid. The whole of my apartment will mourn her death only until we get a replacement. That is life. You must learn to let go. So thank you Cheryl.

Which leads me to the question of; what would be the one appliance you couldn't live without?

Enough with the tragic sadness that was Cheryl because she will be remembered fondly especially with her last gift of my banana chocolate protein smoothie post work-out.

My workout today was around 45 minutes of another session of Total Body Conditioning. I actually did not intend to go to that class, in fact my friend Sarah and I wanted to attend the Yoga Pilates Fusion class but apparently we misread the times and well we got a different kind of workout. It was still a lot of fun and the music is great!

Post workout I made myself some barbecued tofu on an Arnold Sandwich thin with a side of frozen grapes. The tofu was definitely an experiment and I think I might have to try out different ways to still cook it. The barbecue sauce made it a little sticky and while it left a good outer shell, it lacked some flavor. I may have to first cook the tofu then toss it with barbecued sauce. We'll see.

My dinner of course was demolished and I even convinced my meat loving roommate to have a piece of the tofu. She liked it so I'm going to give myself a little pat on the back. Just a little one though.

While eating my frozen grapes I watched Top Chef which as always inspires me to try new things and if they fail, they fail. It is all about experimenting!

Now that I am all stuffed and happy it is off to do some homework before bed time :)

Night all!

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