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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oh My Bratwurst

Did you know that grasshoppers fly? Yeah, neither did I. While walking with my dad one flew by and after my immediate freak-out the conversation went something like this.

Liz: Oh my God, what was that?!

Dad: It's a grasshopper, Liz.

Liz: No, they don't fly.

Dad: Yes they do.

Liz: No they don't.

Dad: Yes, Liz, they do.

There were about three more rounds of me saying that they don't until I finally accepted it. So-grasshoppers fly. Who knew?

Anyway, you probably don't want to hear anymore about my freaking out over flying bugs. Although, in my defense it was quite large. And a grasshopper. Aaannnnddd, back to food! This afternoon I went to a Bohemian restaurant with my grandparents and brother.

One look at the menu and I knew that I had to have the bratwurst. I LOVE bratwurst. And this one lived up to all my wonderful bratwurst dreams. It was firm on the outside and then juicy and flavorful inside. Ughh...it was just so darn good. I only ate one of them but I could have eaten the second. It would have so been worth the paralyzing stomach ache.

Dessert was apple strudel. My grandma raved about it but I thought it was just okay.

I came home from my grandparents in the early evening and then took a walk with my dad. It was then that I saw the epic flying grasshopper. I still don't know if I completely believe my dad on that one. Anyhoo, dinner followed. We had cajun catfish with the fixings from yesterday.


Well, I am off to watch Casino Royale with my family. And drink a Grasshopper. More on that in the morning :-D

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  1. I remember catching a million grasshoppers in pre-school and I think they can fly? Either that or jump realllly far. Which wouldn't surprise me either since they are grass*hoppers*. :P I'm gonna have to look this up now haha