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Culinary Adventures in a College Kitchen

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cooking for Real

So Jen here and I have been enjoying cooking in my new beautiful kitchen. I have recently found out that I can not stand a messy kitchen at all. It is quite unfortunate that my roommates have been perfectly clear that they are disasters in the kitchen!
Is anyone else bothered by a messy kitchen?

Enough about my OCD with a clean kitchen, it is more important what I made inside my kitchen. I recently went to my local natural food grocery called 'Naturally Yours Grocery' which was absolutely wonderful but I am going to have to budget a bit better because as a college student I really can't afford to buy Seitan, tofu and the like without sacrificing some of my delicious vegetables and fruit :)

But despite that, I did pick up a healthy block of extra-firm tofu. I soaked it in a little bit of egg and then tossed it in bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese then pan fried it. I also tossed some tomatoes in olive oil with minced onions in the pan.

I had also just finished watching Iron Chef so I tried to make my plate look pretty by putting the tofu on a bed of baby spinach.

The best part of the night I think were the margaritas we had a my friend's while scrapbooking. It was fun and they were colorful! How could I not love them?

Although I would have enjoyed another one of these babies I decided to hang out at my apartment because tomorrow I am going out. And when I say going out I mean going with my lovely sorority sisters to see the movie 'Vampires Suck'.

Yes, the life of a junior in college is so exciting!

Now I am off to possibly make some banana bread :)

See you all in the morning!

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  1. junior year of college was my favorite. it's when i met my husband!