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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Bumday

Today is Sunday Bumday, in the words of my friend Kirstin.

Last year when we were living in the dorms together, Sunday was the day that we would simply lay around in the common room in sweats and complain about how much homework we had. Somehow Sunday Bumday never really stuck true to its name.

Today is no different with the one exception that I am in my sweats still. I was productive today however, getting many of my lengthy reading assignments completed but alas there still are more.

I am going to skip the workout today because yesterday was very workout heavy, cardio wise anyway. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at an average pace of 9:22 which is pretty good considering I don't feel super in shape still. I also walked there and back to the fitness center which is a mile there and back.

So today is just going to be a light Pilates video followed by some Yoga.

For some reason today I am feeling very energized, perhaps it is because of the delicious lunch I had?
Mixed greens with light balsamic vinaigrette dressing with a side of Wasa crackers. Wasa crackers were topped with a mozzarella cheese stick and then topped with mango salsa.

I really didn't think it would keep me full but turns out it hit the spot!

I think I also found a new favorite combo with the Wasa crackers because the melted cheese on top was the perfect way to spice those babies up.

My roommate thinks the Wasa crackers taste like cardboard, if you've tried them what did you think?

Anywho, for dinner tonight I think I will be making pasta but that depends on how stuff I have to do until the chapter meeting for my sorority but whatever it does wind up being, there will be pictures. (Unless it is a lean cuisine and then I made no promises ;) )

Hope your Sunday Bumday is great :)

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  1. I love Wasa crackers. I think I have a strange appreciation for things that "taste like cardboard". I love neutral flavors especially when you pair them with other flavors. I hope you have a great night!