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Sunday, August 8, 2010

George Foreman I Love You

Jen here and I would like to ask a very important question:

George Foreman, I love you. Will you marry me?

Okay so my heart only really belongs to one man. Love may be an exaggeration but I really, really, really like the George Foreman grill.

Okay enough of my love life but I have seriously been captured by the George Foreman grill. My mom purchased on because she thought it would be a nice way to make grilled sandwiches and the like but it has become one of my staple products. Thank goodness I got one for my apartment. Next on the appliance list is a juicer!

Anyway, back to the grill, I decided to make most of my dinner on it. All at the same time I had an Arnold Sandwich Thin, one Boca burger in Tomatoe-Parmesan and Basil with grilled green peppers and onions. The only thing I couldn't grill were the veggie chips from Trader Joes. That would have been a bit excessive. Not to mention gross.

But the end product when everything was one the plate was colorful and of something quite tasty.

Curse my camera for the sideways image! Oh and on my boca burger I added just a little of the Kraft Chipotle Mayo. I actually hate mayo but this didn't taste at all like mayo so I was sold. I love things like that. I'm weird perhaps but I'm perfectly okay with that ;)

For dessert my sister gave me a piece of her famous cookie brownies. Two of the very best things that the dessert world has to offer and they were combined! I knew there was a reason I liked her.

After demolishing this delicious piece of heaven, I watched the Next Food Network Star. I love Arti :) She is so adorable and I love the fact she is a food blogger. Gives were a gold star in my book!

Now I am off to relax and read a book about cupcakes; The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross, meaning it has to be good, right?

Goodnight see you all in the morning :)

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  1. I used my Foreman all the time when I was in college! Mine died a few years ago and I haven't replaced it yet...I really need to do that soon! It was so handy!