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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a little fishy

Jen here and today I was feeling really fishy today. And when I say fishy I mean I was in the mood for fish. The only exception was of course breakfast which was pretty bland.
Breakfast was a bowl of multi-grain Cheerios with a banana sliced on top. It was oddly very filling which was great because I was running around the house like a nut-case until lunch time.

For lunch, as Liz stated in her post we did a lunch at Chili's with everyone. The outcome was great and the food was even better. I unfortunately forgot my camera but I did manage to find a picture that was online. My plate consisted of grilled salmon with garlic and herbs as well as sides of steamed vegetables and rice. I loved how it was lightly seasoned and it was so deliciously tender! It was heavenly.
Sadly enough, I filled up on those salty bottomless chips and had a bit of the salmon left that I couldn't finish. Yet somehow I managed to chug a tall iced chai tea latte with soy when we hit up Starbucks . Funny how that works.
But look how beautiful it is! How could I not drink it?!

Of course right when I got back home from the goodbye lunch I had to start packing up for school again including make a list of all the dry non-refrigerated items. My list was definitely longer than expected but I'm sure it'll lessen up once I get all the spices and such.

What are some of the staple spices in your kitchen?

Dinner was fishy as well with some Parmesan encrusted tilapia with a spinach salad and pasta salad. Lots of salad and a lot of fish. Overall fabulous!

The picture of the tilapia came directly from when it first came out from the broiler so this sucker is fresh!

Well you will have to excuse me I am in process of watching the Pretty Little Liars season finale and it is getting intense!

Sorry but I will see you all tomorrow :)

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  1. i always have curry, cumin, and chili powder with my spices.