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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turn of Phrase

I'm all for the kitschy phrases.  I think they can add a lot of color to your language without using any four letter words that would make your grandma blush.  Unless we're referring to my grandma.  She's a world class cusser.

Anyway, I like my phrases.  They're fun and occasionally cute.  It occurred to me, though, that half the times I have no idea what I'm actually saying.  I understand what they mean in context, but out of context I'm about as clueless as Snooki in a library.

I've rounded up the usual suspects.

1)  Up My Alley

This is something that I say a lot.  I'll see a recipe and go, "Oh, this is right up my alley."  Or a movie that I think I'd like is "up my alley".  What does this even mean?!   Is it a good thing to be up my alley?  Is my alley really that great of a place to be up?  Am I the only one with a strong urge to say 'That's what she said' about now?

2)  The Bee's Knees

Another thing I say often.  Another thing that makes absolutely no sense.  What does it really mean to say that something is the bee's knees?  Is it good?  Is it bad?  Do bees even have knees?  My Google image search was inconclusive, although I did find some pretty disturbing tattoos.

3)  Oy, enough with the poodles already!

This is straight from Gilmore Girls and admittedly has no real meaning.  I will never stop saying this at random points in conversations.  NEVER.

4)  Easy Peasy

Okay, this I don't say and I strongly detest anyone who does.  I still remember the first time that I heard it.  I was a junior in high school taking PreCalc.  If the subject matter wasn't giving me enough of a headache (which it was) I had to hear "easy peasy" every other minute from the kids around me.  It's a wonder I actually passed that class.

What are the little phrases you guys use?


  1. buahhahahaha.. on the Snooki. too funny.

    these are hilarious.. and on the one up your alley. classic.

    1. Thank you!! I was making myself laugh writing this one, so it's nice to see that someone besides myself thought it was funny, too! lol