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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pilates and Car Dodging

We are doing Fitnessista's Summer Shape up and started off with some Gaiam Pilates. We worked our legs. We swore during the series of five. Cursed Ana Cabon and her freaky flexibility during side leg series. So...essentially, good work out!

After we went for a forty minute walk and tempted fate walking along a road. We're hardcore like that. After dodging a few cars and running at one point to avoid a particularly cheeky jeep, we returned home for some mango-banana smoothies. And proceeded to nearly break the blender. Clearly, we are on the beginning of any culinary journey.

Lunch is boca burgers with ketchup, mustard and spinach. We were going to do hummus but the combo didn't sound as attractive when we found out the bocas actually tasted like real burgers. We're workin' our vegetarian for a day. Not a bad thing after a certain someone's bacon adventure last night (cough..Liz..cough). The burgers are just on some toasted Arnold Sandwich Thins. Deliciousness ensues.

Add some green grapes and yum :)

Off to go wash this baby.

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