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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Muesli, Muesli, Muesli

So Jen here. And because I had work I am forced to post at ten o'clock at night, what I ate five hours previously. However, I wouldn't dare bore you with work stuff because frankly Kirkland's isn't all that interesting (unless you think complaining customers and cashiering is the greatest thing since sliced bread).

Before work I did find myself watching Gilmore Girls like Liz though. We are clearly friends through our bonding of Gilmore Girls and our love for the sexy boys of Stars Hollows. We have even found our own Luke's in our home town. It has by far the most delicious omelets I have ever had. Granted they are the equivalent to probably half of a day's calories but they are so worth it!

Speaking of food since I had work smack dab during when I would usually have dinner, I had to eat early.

Lately I have been navigating toward lighter meals for dinner so tonight was no different. My mom recently purchased some Aldi Deutsche Kuche Muesli Mixed Fruit and Nuts. I had a big bowl of it with some vanilla soy milk. It was absolutely fabulous and although it doesn't sound like a big meal it was the perfect amount to fill me up.

Now that I am back home I am going to watch the show Jersey Couture on Oxygen. It's such a hysterical show and I can't get enough of the blunt humor that show has. Maybe that is why I enjoy it so much.

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