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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Craptastic Coffee Machine

Good Morning!

It's Liz and it is a BEAUTIFUL morning here in Chicago. We have been getting some serious monsoons lately so it's nice to see some sunlight. I'm sure my hair appreciates it. The wet dog look does not really work for me.

This morning I woke up around the usual time and settled in for some lovely yogurt with almond butter and granola.

The goods.

The end result. I think I liked it :-)

That would be a picture of my craptastic coffee machine. It looks kinda nasty but I swear the coffee is good ;-)

I'm off to go to the gym with Jen and our friend Lynn. Lynn is an ice skater and we're all doing the workout sent from the ice rink. Should be interesting. And possibly painful.

See ya at lunch!

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