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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


First off- Lynn's skating workout: pain. in. my. booty. That is both literal and figurative. My abs also are screaming at me. And my arms are joining forces and I'm pretty sure will strangle me during the night or something.

Lunch was pretty good (read: amazing). We went to Taj Mahal for some Indian food. It was all kinds of wonderful. Nice and tasty. So spicy that I downed about four glasses of water in an attempt to regain feeling in my tongue.

We started with some naan. It was fluffy and delicious goodness. Only had one piece- the ultimate in willpower.

That is my uber-organized plate. I had the spinach, eggplant, and lentil dishes and mashed them all together with some basmati rice. The owner of the restaurant was definitely cringing at my clear Americanizing of the dishes. Oh well-it tasted good!

Lunch ended with some masala tea and rice pudding. I would have posted a picture of the dessert but I pretty much inhaled it before my camera had a chance. Clearly, I had no choice ;-)

Dinner is at the grandparent's tonight. And my grandma may or may not be the Itzhak Perlman of cooking. More on that later :-D

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