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Culinary Adventures in a College Kitchen

Saturday, June 26, 2010

About Us

Hi we're Liz and Jen and this page will just be a little insight to the two lovely women who write this blog. FAQ

1) How old are you?
2)Why did you decide that you wanted to blog?

3)What are you studying in college?

4)What is your favorite food?
5)What is your favorite splurge for food?

6)What is your favorite way to exercise?

7)Are you an active person besides for exercise?
8)Who is your favorite person to watch cook on TV?
9)What are your long term and short term health goals?

10)Where is your favorite place to get groceries from?

11) Are you a very healthy person?

12)State any random
fact about yourself.

About: Jen

1)I'm 21 years old.
2)Liz and I had decided on doing so when we figured out that when we were off at school we wanted to keep the motivation that we had gained during the summer.
3) What are you studying in college? I am studying to be an interior designer with a minor in Art History
4) I love spinach!!! Creamed, raw, you name it!
5) I love anything Chinese but I try to only eat it ocassionaly.
6) I have played soccer for 13 years of my life and I continue to play recreation in college but I also have developed a love for running.
7) I'd like to think of myself as fairly active. I try to get in at least take the stairs and walk to all of my classes. It's eco-friendly too :)
8) I am a huge fan of Bethanny Frankel especially Skinny Girl Margaritas.
9) Short term I'd like to tone up a bit more and gain some lean muscle. Long term at the moment, I want to work my way to a half marathon as long as maintain a healthy lifestyle.
10) Two of my favorite places are Aldi and Meijer. Mostly because they are close to my apartment and they have a good selection. But I wouldn't say no to the occasional run to 'Common Grounds' a wonderful-slightly expensive health foods store.
11) I'd like to think I'm quite healthy but I know I need to work on snacking and finding other alternatives to the usual go-to aka cereal and granola with yogurt.
12) I'm severely lactose intolerant but I can surprisingly enough eat minimal amounts of Greek yogurt and some Parmesan
without feeling sick to my stomach. I have also adopted a mostly vegetarian lifestyle and I try to eat 50% raw during the day. I find I am a lot happier and I haven't had to drink coffee AT ALL because of it :)


About: Liz

1) I am 20 years old.
2) I wanted to start this because while Jen and I are motivated now during the summer I know that my motivation lags once I go back to school. Therefore, I thought that this blog would be a good way for Jen and I to check up on each other. And it's fun, of course. I, personally, have always wanted to start a food blog and had actually created one dedicated to recipes but I found that I didn't actually cook enough to fill a daily blog with recipes. This feels like a better fit for me. And it's fun!
3) I am an advertising major.
4) Oh my, favorite food? This is difficult. I really don't have a favorite food but something AMAZING that I recently had was this dish at a tapas restaurant. It was a date wrapped in bacon and drizzled with this rich red pepper sauce. It was delicious and I ate many of them.
5) My favorite splurge food is definitely anything sweet. So, like cupcakes or cupcakes without the cup part. Oh-and the vegan lemon poppyseed muffins at Argo Tea. Those are serious splurges and serious decadence. Love it.
6) I love pilates and do not do it nearly enough.
7) I feel I am fairly active. I usually go for daily walks with my father regardless of other gym-oriented work. I am known to work-out while my family rests on vacations. So, yes, I would say that I am fairly active.
8) Giada DeLaurentiis. She makes the Italian in me smile :-)
9) Short term I guess would be to slim out. But I don't necessarily know if I really need to slim out but let's face it, who doesn't want that? Long term is just to be healthy. I want to be able to age with grace which I think can be accredited to having a healthy lifestyle.
10) I love Trader Joes and Potash Brothers. Potash is by my college and is ridiculously overpriced but I love the fact that I can walk in and find what I am looking for immediately.
11) Yeah, I'm pretty healthy. I watch what I eat and I try to have some physical activity every day. And I let myself splurge now and then which I think is very important. I mean, what's life if you can't have a cookie here and there?
12) Something random? I am having an illicit affair with coffee. And occasionally I cheat with assorted teas.