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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inter-Campus Shuttle Love

I love my college's inter-campus shuttle. There are just so many fascinating human moments that you have 20 or so minutes to be privy to. It's free entertainment. I love hearing the random conversations. Or watching shuttle romances bud. And people nodding, off, that is my absolute favorite. I once had a guy accidentally drop his head on my shoulder and I non-accidentally imparted a sharp jab to his side. No shuttle romance there.

It's called personal space. Ever hear of it?

Today had to be one of my favorites, though. There is always that one person who will insist on standing up by the driver. Maybe it's a security thing. Maybe they feel above seats. Or maybe they're just being douchebaggy and want to get off first.

Pretty sure today was the latter. This guy in a full suit took residence at the front of the bus and proceeded to just lean casually against the railing and scroll through his blackberry. Now, I knew immediately-from my comfortable seat-that this would prove problematic. Large buses encountering fairly sharp turns tend to necessitate holding onto something that isn't only your posh smartphone.

Sir, you are on your way to bad-decision-central.

He fared pretty well for the first half of the trip. No sharp turns and he held his ground, literally. When neared campus, though, things took a turn for the worse, again literally. We made a narrow turn and he careened backwards, flailing arms grabbing onto the railing at the last moment. It ended with a chorus of swear words and momentary glare at me while I tried to hide my laughter in my scarf.

Not laughing. Not laughing. Okay...sort of laughing.

Now, many things crossed my mind at this moment.

1) Why the hell was he not holding onto the railing in the first place?

2) How is he legitimately upset with centripetal force?

3) And why is he in a full suit?

Sadly, none of these questions were answered. He stormed off the bus the moment that the doors opened, leaving all of us behind him in the wake of his self-importance. I laughed for about an hour.

I love the inter-campus shuttle.


  1. Can I just say that I love that you used photos from Gilmore Girls to demonstrate your point here. Love this post!

  2. omg I love Gilmore Girls. Or GG as I call it. One of my favorite shows ever! :)

  3. You just made my day with the Gilmore Girls pics on your post. I think I need to go and watch an episode or ten! :)

    I would have also been laughing into my scarf as I watched this scene unfold!

  4. I love that you love gilmore girls so much! I love girlmore girls... I think im going to put on an episode right now! :)

  5. How funny! I love that he couldn't use his "posh" phone to keep him in place. You crack me up!