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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three Bean Salad

I've been sick the past two days with a stomach bug, and I have never been more grateful for leftovers.  Usually I end up sick when I have absolutely nothing in my refrigerator.  This time, I had all of my leftovers from my party.  In one word, my fridge is stocked.

I made this three bean salad for my end-of-the-semester party.  The theme was "American Picnic" - yes, I have themes for my parties, feel free to mock - so I made some mini burgers, chicken salad and this bean salad.  Sadly, it was demoted to a two bean salad for the party due to my broken can opener.  I did consider going at it with a knife for a moment, but decided I liked my fingers more than kidney beans.

I have been eating this salad for just about every meal possible.  It is the BEST mixed with some chicken salad, lettuce and love.  I thought it might be too adventuresome for my touchy stomach, but so far I've heard no complaints.

Three Bean Salad


Green beans
Kidney Beans
1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup olive oil


Choose your own ratio for the beans.  I personally like it chickpea heavy, but that's just me.  If you're using fresh beans, soak them overnight and boil for 45 minutes - 1 hour.  If your beans are canned, rinse and set aside.  Boil the green beans until crisp tender, 4-5 minutes.  Put in a strainer and douse with cold water immediately to set the bright green color. 

Mix together the apple cider vinegar and sugar, until the sugar is dissolved.  Slowly pour in the olive oil, whisking continuously until the dressing has emulsified.  Pour over the beans and let marinate for at least an hour.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.