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Monday, May 14, 2012

People I Admire

A lot of people idolize actors.  They look up to those people in front of the camera, spouting off honeyed words that make women fangirl across the globe.  Who hasn't fallen in love with Ryan Gosling after seeing The Notebook?  Or Colin Firth thanks to Bridget Jones' Diary or Love Actually?  These men say the most delightful things, sending us girls into a delirious dither, and we are hopelessly smitten.  I'm this way with writers. Because, at the end of the day, Ryan Gosling and Colin Firth didn't write those delicious lines coming out of their equally delicious mouths.  It's time we give the writers some love.

1.  Joss Whedon

My love for this man knows no bounds.  I've already featured him once on the blog.  This will most likely not be the last time, either.  The creative genius behind Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Whedon is right up there with Barbra Streisand and Jonathan Groff as someone I would ugly cry if I met.  You know the ugly cry.

Yeah, that would be my face.

2.  Nora Ephron

I have read every single piece of writing out there that has Ephron's name on it.  I've even read the When Harry Met Sally... screenplay, despite having seen the movie enough times to recite lines by memory.  I love writers that can capture the human condition, and Ephron just gets it.  Her movies are the perfect balance between laughing out loud and crying into a hanky.  And her essays are just pure hilarity.

3.  Emily Giffin

This guy in my fiction writing class told me that my writing reminded him of Emily Giffin.  If I didn't have a general revulsion for him (just trust me -- we all did) I would have kissed him.  I happen to think that the ordinary in life can be extraordinary, and Giffin depicts this beautifully in her books.  I also might semi-stalk her on Facebook and think she has the most delightful fashion sense.

4.  Shonda Rhimes

First off, girl is a hell of a sassy tweeter.  I follow her on Twitter and her responses to crazy rabid fans are the best.  Plus, she is responsible for creating my favorite doctors at Seattle Grace.  Derek Sheperd? Mark Sloan?  Owen-freaking-Hunt?!  Shonda, there are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Who are some people (writers or not) that you admire?


  1. looks like I have a few more people to learn about!

    1. Yes, definitely!! I highly recommend anything these folks have done :D

  2. How cool! I've never really thought much about the writers behind the shows and movies I like. :)

    1. I would 100% recommend checking out these writers' works if you haven't already. All of the shows/movies/books that they create are very high quality!

  3. Those are a great bunch of people to admire, Liz! Great post!