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Monday, February 20, 2012

Alias: Five Reasons You Should Watch

Here is another post where I wax and wane about one of my favorite television shows in an attempt to convince you to watch them.  Last time, it was Downton Abbey.  I promise not to misspell the name of the show this time.  Luckily, it's only five letters.


I had an impromptu trip home this weekend and returned with all five seasons of Alias.  That show was my absolute jam when I was growing up.  I started during Season 2 and stuck with it through the inane plot twists, actress pregnancies, and Jennifer Garner's awful bangs.  I loved it, though.  Even as half of the show went over my fifteen year old head, I couldn't wait for the next episode.

I started my epic re-watch with a bit of trepidation.  Would this show, that could be characterized as my first big TV obsession, live up to my rose-tinted-memories?  Would Michael Vartan still be as attractive?  Would Jennifer Garner's bangs still be as awful?  Why yes, both would.  And everything else would be just as wonderful as I remembered.

So, why should you watch?

Michael Vartan

I'll start with the obvious.  Look at that face.  Look at that suit.  Seriously guys, this should be a no-brainer.  This man probably singlehandedly created my obsession with men in suits.

All The Disguises


Jennifer Garner changes her hair color more often than Katy Perry.  And she looks amazing with every disguise.  How can one person look so amazing with eighteen different hair colors?  I have trouble enough looking halfway decent with my own hair color.

The Quentin Tarantino Episodes


Quentin Tarantino, genius creator of the Kill Bill franchise, guest stars (and wrote) two episodes in Season 2.  The show is literally worth watching for these episodes alone.  They are amazing and feature cray-cray Tarantino.  What's not to love?

The Gadgets

This show nearly made me a tech nerd.  Their tech-ey guy Marshall just makes so many cool gadgets and gizmos.  And while I'm pretty sure I didn't understand half of them, they just sounded impressive.  There's a coin that shatters glass.  A lipstick that scrambles security codes.  A ring that has a sedative built into the stone.  AND THAT'S JUST ONE EPISODE.

Victor Garber


Okay, this might just be a Liz thing, but I freaking adore Victor Garber.  He plays Jennifer Garner's badass dad and he has some of the best lines in the series.

Have I convinced you to give Alias a try?  If not, I will judge you quietly over here while you leave me your favorite TV shows in the comment section!  Any recommendations for my next big show?  I love discovering hidden gems!


  1. I looooooved Alias!!! I still have a mega-crush on Michael Vartan. I was so upset when Jennifer Garner stopped dating him and moved onto Ben Affleck instead. I still haven't forgiven her. But, yes. Awesome show. Love love love it!!

    1. Ha! I felt the exact same way! I remember seeing it on the cover of US Weekly and refusing to believe it was true. Now, of course, I think Ben and Jen are adorable together.